Probably the UK's Best selling CCTV camera.

Advanced Vision camera held in hand The Advanced-Vision Camera is a high quality built CCTV camera with the lens and electronic sections sealed in a case that has an IP67 rating.

It has outstanding picture quality with lenses up to 12mm. It can be used in a variety of situations including; homes, shops, and small businesses.

Camera Features

Built in heater
Helps to prevent the lens from frosting over on a cold winter morning.
Tapered design
In conjunction with the built-in heater this design helps to prevent build up of snow on the camera.
Lens cover
Toughened to help prevent scratches and UV stabilised to prevent the camera from becoming ‘opaque’ due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Drip lip
A cleverly engineered inner lens ring helps guide water around the lens rather than across it to maintain optimum picture quality during heavy downpours.
Resin filled interior
The sensitive electronics of the camera are completely encased in a polymer resin to provide the ultimate protection from water ingress and shock. Unlike some cameras, condensation is not a problem with the Advanced-Vision Camera.
The clever bracket arrangement of the camera allows excellent movement on both the horizontal and vertical plane as well as facilitating wall and ceiling mounting.

The Advanced-Vision Camera is available in both black and white, and colour with a choice of lenses. There are also available a control unit and add-on products.